Xtreme Zumba Tango

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Zumba with Kit – Xtreme Fitness.


Romano Gitano says:

Let’s Hear it for the Guys!!!!

Kit Zumba says:


dmuglu says:

This is awesome thank you for sharing!!!

gianmarcel says:

Very nice – will copy few steps and mix it for my choreo. Good job :)

Claudia Hord says:

is an awesome choreo, looks great and is esasy stpes. Tango is been uone of the hardest steps to learn for me. I love tango and i can finally add this to my playlist. Thank you for sharing…:)

Sarah Jurkowski says:

i rarely manage to watch a whole video on here as I am easily bored, but I love this!!!!!!! fab!!!!!

Suzana Silva Pinto says:

A coreografia é legal apesar de ser um ritmo muito fácil……sou brasileira e aqui estamos acostumados com ritmos um pouco mais difícil…..mais legal um grande abraço que Deus te abençoe

Kheru Djhuti says:

how’d you get that nice man to agree to do this?

Kheru Djhuti says:

AND very good cueing!

zuuumbaaa says:

Just curious…why do you call it Xtreme Zumba? Nice choreo, good job!

14zumba says:

nice..I like it very much..I do another tango to song different this is a great addition!

perrinsgamm says:

I absolutely love this!

froggy3829 says:

love it, just had a go, it was great, thanks

Petra Bonich says:


Karen Hellekson says:

Love this choreography–I like the way you incorporate the 1-2-3-lift tango move, all simplified. Thanks also for demoing the cueing. I’m going to add this to my playlist for my class! Thanks so much for posting this.

Lindsey Lustig says:

LOVE IT! Thank you for your choreography skills & for posting! I know my class will also love it!

Lindsey Lustig says:

LOVE IT! Thanks for your choreography skills and for posting. My Zumba class eats up Shakira!

Wes Anderson says:

Nice job! Very cute! Thanks for posting!

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