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Ольга Никонова says:


BlueJean1138 says:

can i haz?!?!?!!

milongfan says:

son muy malos

superscorpio27 says:


18Clarin says:

inspiradorrrrrrrrrr, nos hace soñarrrrrrr

David Pan says:


leesunglark says:

So  very good

Caterina Camilleri says:


Elsa Elsaki says:

 thanks :D

jackmercer007 says:

Take the Lead

Elsa Elsaki says:

which is the name of this movie? please tell me

drscutest3000 says:

take the lead

molyvenson says:

llama me cuando esta preparada por un Hombre de la calidad k describes lol

Raecat2aid says:

thank you.

milongfan says:

que baila un rock?

Sebastian C says:

“Take the lead”

Toni Gonzalez says:

Seems like he wants to kill the bull, instead of tango

Mega Edileusa says:

After the silence, which is closest to expressing the inexpressible is music music.The is the most perfect type of art: never reveals his last segredo.A music is celestial, divine in nature and of such beauty that enchants the soul and rises above its condição.A music is the verb of the future! thank you! l

Raecat2aid says:

where is this from?

Chelsea Lane says:

asi se baila el tango

Louix5147 says:

what’s the name of this song?

kureselisinis says:

which song is it guys?

guadalupeloera says:

Que mierda¡¡¡¡

ensoleille13 says:

amazing cuts and edits for the video. the dance its self maybe was not that great but the edits and close ups made it look amazing

conundrum11 says:

lame and choppy. one star

mimi9306 says:

Tangos are so hot! They did really good you would think they were a couple.

sexielektra says:

por eso es tan querido el es sexi elegante guapo lo q, toda mujer quiere

Bail Ando says:

negrilla23: yo puse en el ares dejate llevar take the lead y salia la cumparsita take the lead(tango remix) pero no es remix esta muy bien te recomiendo pero si ese no te gusta pon en el ares emule o el programa que tengas dejate llevar y te saldran pero fijate q no sea video
bueno espero haberte ayudado
me encanta esta pelicula lo mejor el baile final q bailan los 3!!
=) me encanta

negrilla23 says:

alguien me puede decir como conseguir este tango x favor llebo buskandolo desde k bi la pelikula contesten x favor gracias

spottaki says:

Really passionate and through the eyes of a director..

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